Hello 1988


it’s love

that pressed

these words to paper



that put them in your mailbox


not that same love


along the crowded streets

of my youth


but a new love


in a simpler heart


by frivolous dreams


by chains of bitterness


but what courage

   does it take

      to mail a letter?

(there is no courage without fear)


i feared not

  the passing of time

or the waning of passion,

  the distance between us

or the differences…


i feared one possibility:


that the girl i once was

would not allow

the woman i have become

into your heart.



  we will find

that we have

  nothing more

    to learn from each other.


but first

  we must have the courage

to explore

  the possibilities


(to M.L.H. on the occasion of friendship rising from the ashes of passion)

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